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Terms and Conditions of the 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for "The Hair Eraser" Home IPL Hair Removal Device:

  1. Eligibility: This guarantee applies to all customers who purchase "The Hair Eraser" Home IPL Hair Removal Device from Glow Dermal.

  2. Timeframe: Customers have 90 days from the date of purchase to request a refund if they are not satisfied with the results of the device.

  3. Conditions of Use: To be eligible for the guarantee, the device must be used in accordance with the instructions provided, including following the recommended treatment schedule.

  4. Evidence of Use: Customers must provide proof of use, such as treatment records or before and after photos, to demonstrate that they have followed the recommended treatment schedule.

  5. Return of the Device: The device must be returned in its original packaging and in good working condition. Any damages or modifications to the device may render the guarantee void.

  6. Refund Process: Upon receipt of the returned device and proof of use, Glow Dermal will process the refund within 14 business days.

  7. Exclusions: This guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping and handling or any other expenses incurred by the customer.

  8. Changes to the Guarantee: Glow Dermal reserves the right to modify or discontinue this guarantee at any time without prior notice.

By purchasing "The Hair Eraser" Home IPL Hair Removal Device, customers acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions of the 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.